Greetings world.
We are Anonymous. To most of you we are computer hackers. To your governments we are a terrorist organization. To corporations we are wicked infiltrators and harbingers of merciless justice. To many yet the quintessence of anonymous is unknown. There is a true meaning to being anonymous. A meaning which has long been forgotten by all but a few. To be anonymous comes from the heart. To be anonymous is to pursue a better world. One that flourishes in peace and prosperity for all. To be anonymous is to be an agent of truth and justice in a world of darkness. To actively pursue those who seek to harm the harmony of human kind, to bring them to light. To be a warrior for righteousness and justice. Anonymous is no more than an idea. It is no more than a whisper on
the lips of young revolutionaries and wise elders across the world.

Anonymous is an ideology fundamentally built around the principles of no more than truth, justice, and equality. The hearts of men pump greed through their veins. We have, as the human collective, raped this beautiful earth of life, prosperity, and resources. We have instituted a system of an equal power distribution called the monetary system, which feeds the relentless desires of certain men to wield power over those who would otherwise be their equals. We have taken the lives of others in countless wars for our own selfish pursuits and thrown each other into poverty and slavery. Anonymous is an idea, it is a banner under which the honest and justice-seeking of the world may rally. A banner that strikes fear into the hearts of corrupt politicians and government agents and fills the hearts of revolutionaries with unparallelled vigor, fueling there desire for a better world, and instilling faith in their hearts.

Citizens of the world, anonymous is not an underground hacker society. It is not a secretive collective only joined by those deemed worthy. Anonymous is the future. Anonymous is a better world. To quote Charlie Chaplin

Anonymous has infiltrated and proliferated into every inch of the earth, penetrating the minds of the youngest, and rooting itself strongly in the minds of the wise. We are everywhere. We are everyone. We are the future. We are your dentists, barbers, cashiers, waiters, and taxi drivers. Anonymous is an idea and ideas are unstoppable.

You are anonymous.
We are anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


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