Greetings, we are Anonymous.
Pollution of our planet for the purposes of extraction must stop. We only have one planet and it is sacred. All humanity should enjoy equality. Governments need to cease and desist all wars. Governments need to return governance to the masses. Debt wage slavery is evil. Greed and materialism is evil. When the government no longer serves the needs of its people it is the duty of its citizens to reset this tyranny that capitalists loving of government is corruption that borders and nations are a man made construct and are disingenuous as we are one that all decisions should be made based on an unconditional love for humanity. Operation Icrarus engaged, this was a message from Anonymous music the final resistance this is the call of justice.

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We are one family. We are one made millions. We are the 99%. We are an army of ideas. We are the voice of the voiceless. We can not be stopped. We do not forgive injustice. We do not forget oppression. United as one, divided by zero. Governments of the world, knowledge is free.
Expect Us.


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