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Ex Anonymous hacker raiser funds for cyber security startup


Ex Anonymous hacker Adam Bennet has  raised $2.5 million from investors for Red Piranha, a cyber security startup.  redpiranha.net/

Red Piranha have created an unified threat management platform titled crystal eye.

Adam Bennett was previously given a 2 year suspended sentence and 200 hours community service for offences relating to AAPT, an Australian ISP.

Anons may know Mr. Bennett’s online name of “Lorax”.  Whilst he no longer knowingly associates with Anonymous, he is still concerned for data privacy and is pleased to see that governments have introduced new laws in relation to this.

“When you calculate what your digital footprint is worth, it’s a lot of money. If it was a commodity like gold or silver, you’d take great steps to protect it and you’d expect companies to protect your worth too. A big risk to privacy would come from the rise of internet of things devices, referencing the case of an unnamed casino being hacked because of a vulnerability in a thermostat in a fish tank at the venue. By increasing the amount of devices in our lives and businesses we increase the threat landscape, which is the space that attackers can get into”

Red Piranha is set to expand worldwide.  Further reading and info: redpiranha.net/



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