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Anonymous sends a message to France Government After Recent Protests in France ( video )

Anonymous sends a message to France's Government due to recent protests in France by people wearing yellow vests.


The hacktivist group known as ” Anonymous ” uploaded to Youtube a video titled ” Anonymous Bakersfield – #OpFrenchWinter – Message to France’s Government #YellowVests ” on December 08, 2018. In the video, Anonymous sends a clear message to France’s Government due to the recent protests that were happening in France by French people wearing yellow vests.

According to Anonymous, the real reasons that people in France started erupting in protests was because of France’s gas tax and as well how the French government made it really for the people in France to live due to economic problems.

This the video:

It seems that the clear message from Anonymous to France’s Government is to obey french people orders and to totally erase the gas tax that started at the beginning of 2018. Also, in the video, Anonymous sends a clear message to France’s president Macron. According to them, Macron have to obey his people orders and erase the gas tax totally, or else Macron have to face the ” …force of the people worldwide and most importantly, our own ” as they clearly say in the video.

In the video, Anonymous, sends instructions to the people worldwide by saying: ” To everyone who are interested to support people in France, please do it with the most powerful source of all, thru social media. Is as easy as taking pictures wearing the famous yellow vests with the hashtag yellowvest and demand France president to obey French people orders. You can also help by spreading France’s people messages thru all social media ”. It is unclear if France President Macron is going to obey his own people orders or not, but what it is very clear is that now Anonymous is helping the people in France in what they call ” #OpFrenchWinter ”.


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