On November 5th 2018 we are inviting everyone, to a friendly gathering of the minds. A tea party so to speak. As a collective we can trade our ideas & share them with the world. We call upon our great nation’s to stand with us in solidarity as we face our struggle in efforts to put an end to it. Our government’s have failed us. Liberty no longer exists. Join us as we protest our state’s & country’s capitals, in efforts to stop the abuses of power. We protest against austerity. We protest against the infringement of our rights. We protest together with our children, our parents, Uncles, homeless & veterans. Our civil liberties shall no longer be infringed. In a Million Mask March we call to arms our many brothers and sisters. The war crimes can no longer go unnoticed. The people can no longer pay the price of the corrupt politician’s. The bankers can no longer profit. The bloodshed must stop. Liberty must be reinstated. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us! #Anonymous #MMM


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